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Fruits always symbolise immortality and the delight of the love. The reason for the connection with immortality is slightly recognizable. Their seeds stand for the beginning of all things, - from them the fruits, from these mature again new seeds and the circulation begins from the front. Eatable fruits have in the dream mostly the meaning of sexual needs, and are interpreted according to her form as female or male sexual symbols. However, they can also stand symbol for success, luck, assurance and development of the personality of the dreaming. If a dream of fruits acts in a bowl, these stand symbolically for the climax of the activities to which the dreaming has devoted himself in the past. Something has come for the end and can be harvested. A new beginning is on the brink before. Fruit stands here for the result of own work or from efforts in a feeling respect, - besides, it can concern success or failures. The symbol often appears when one himself still is uncertainly about the exit of a thing. Inedible fruits can be tips to dangers, difficulties and opposition. Besides, the following accompanying circumstances are often to be followed:
  • fruit see or pick registers that one may count on a success, is recompensed for his efforts, even if the long time seemed unlikely.
  • sweet fruits promise success in a love relationship, often an erotic adventure. Who picks sweet fruits, one could also say in this connection, a lot of love will harvest.
  • growth and development often show
  • of fruits. Consequently dream fruits can symbolise the unaware development of the internal Themselves. One considers how one handled with the fruits in the dream. If one has stretched himself out after them, maybe in the attempt to investigate the potential for personal growth
? Or could one pick the fruits with ease?
  • a dream about the collecting of seasonal fruit is interpreted often as a token by personal luck and satisfaction. Ripe fruit is also associated with the accumulation of wealth and with plans to financial security in the later life. If one has picked fruit in the dream, a tip can be to save for less luxuriant times.
  • If the fruit with the picking still ripe, but on the ground had already decayed, one is maybe procured that a present enterprise will run not successfully.
  • the fruits which can lie in a bowl or on a plate on future material wealth point, particularly if these are many different kinds. If the bowl was in the dream beyond the reach or slightly accessible
  • The dream of unusual fruits can reveal the longing for additional 'spice' in the life. Maybe one searches an adventure or a new plan to compensate the monotony in the job. Some interpreters of dreams believe that these dreams can also indicate a pleasant however easy life style.
  • A ripe, juicy fruit can symbolise good health.
  • A fruit can eat on the fact point out that one will reach by clever consideration to the aim.
  • food of fruits in a dream can have sexual meaning. The sweet taste can show sensuous joy.
  • the coming annoyance means
  • Being the fruits decayed and wormeaten.
  • rotting fruits can deal at the end of a chapter in the life which went earlier to an end than expected or with a plan which was broken off. They announce the other disappointments and failures which one would have earned not really. Also the fear of an illness of the dreaming or in the family and circle of acquaintances can be expressed with it.
  • fruits with many seeds stand for fertility and new life.
  • fruits can buy before envious, underhand person warn who want to bring to one around the fruits of the work.
  • according to opinion of Old-Egyptian dream researchers are pleasant meetings in view if one offers fruits.


At the spiritual level fruits stand in the dream for creativity. They are mostly portents for the development of new plans.



  • in general: her state is valid as a portent for the development of new plans,
  • sweetens see: good food, wealth, luck,
  • sweetens eat: watch out for waste,
  • rots: if mean, in any case, incommodities and frustration,
  • sour ones eat: bad chances, - one will soon meet a weak person who will bring problems,
  • see hanging on trees: a forthcoming discussion will run positively,
  • of a tree shake: your premature actions will bring you damage,
  • sow or plant: meant good trend of affairs.


  • Dreaming one, he picks fruits of trees, he will win of mighty man according to the growth of the tree and the amount in fruits wealth.
  • Sitting somebody under a tree and collects fruits, he will come into money without work and trouble.
  • Seeming it the emperor or a tallness, the tree bends his branches and makes easy the picking for him, men will position themselves in his service, as well as the branches bent, and serve him as a bodyguard, - a man of low state will be raised in his position and attain favour and power from high men.
  • All fruits of the trees which are from yellow colour announce because of the colour Illness, excluded the lemons, - then these indicate the birth of children and joy, and her colour has no bad premeaning.
  • All fruits of the trees which are sour prophesy misery and worries.
  • Dreaming one, he picks lemon-coloured fruits, will strike him a light indisposition, - he eats of them, indicates because of the colour at a serious and heavy illness, - he gives such fruits to an another, the receiver will learn from the giver evil and fall ill.
  • on the whole means the harvest of something good, excluded those of the yellow and sour fruits with all fruit-trees.
  • Dreaming one, he picks fruits in autumn, indicates to him plagues and worries.
  • What the fruit-trees concerns which announce wealth, those promise a more continual and more considerable whose fruits keep themselves long.
  • The dark bunch of grapes prophesies at the moment of the vintage distress and plague on the part of the authority, the bright one is more favorable concerning the interpretation.
  • they indicate
  • Looking somebody grapes beyond the time of the vintage, pass profit, - the vintage of dark grapes promises property, however, those of the bright ones is still far favorable.
  • Dreaming one, he picks from a vine grapes, he will become well-to-do by a woman.
  • he picks
  • them to make from it wine, he will make big efforts to win power, but do not achieve his aim.
  • Looking somebody a vine without grapes, he will take an infertile woman, - he tears out the vine, namely the own, together with the root, he will come to big distress and lose his woman by the death, it is a foreign vine, he will be discovered with the adultery with a foreign woman and be pestered.
  • poor people mean
  • All trees which have no strong trunk according to the kind of the trunks.
  • he interprets
  • Looking somebody a tree with two trunks, as a personality of big respect and good call according to the trunks and fruits.
  • fruits are a symbol for a sure social position. Fruits in the abundance or decayed fruits show a warning to be content with the given state much too fast and without a fight. The signal wants to say the dreaming that he must work furthermore on himself and his life.

(European ones).:

  • symbol for the fear around own success to understand mostly in the erotic sense
  • mean: good times, profit and salary,
  • different fruits see: good exit of a discussion,
  • pick: brings advantages, - prosperity,
  • matures fruits see which stand completely in the juice: can count in future on prosperity,
  • greens fruits: stand for disappointments and stress,
  • eats a young woman green fruits, means one capital loss or loss of prestige,
  • collect: bad friends and friends,
  • shop or sell: signalled a hardly remunerative trouble,
  • eat: meant clever action, - hopes in the love will soon come true,
  • sour ones: Annoyance,
  • rots: if brings Widerwärtigkeiten and losses.


  • harvest: you have achieved after long fights your aim, - pleasure, wealth,
  • shop: would be warned about a deception,
  • see: you are very clever and, hence, will reach also to the aim,
  • sweetens: you come to a pleasant society,
  • sour ones eat: Illness.
(See also food, fruit) (Some fruits have own, quite special meanings and are under to her own name performed, as for example 'pineapple', apple ',' fig ',' orange')

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