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Observe something similar in the dream, then you have no very good opinion of the people who have met you recently. Take seriously the warning of your unconscious. If you yourselves find out a cruelty, a bad conscience presumably torments you. Presumably you have the impression to have made a little bit absolutely wrong lately.



  • see: you deal it with bad people.


  • Every kind of cruelty - whether one suffers them themselves or adds to another - shows a recommendation to the dreaming to think over his life, to learn, to make exceptions, and to look at his position more often with some distance. The sign admonishes the dreaming not to give to himself on his way luckily even misfortune. If it goes well to him, he inclines to injure other people and to put out of tune. (Child

(European ones).:

  • see: difficulties are forecast with some plans, - also: a being close person needs help,
  • other person happening: one will assign this one disagreeable job by which they themselves will suffer losses.

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