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Association: - Removal, - refuse from the past. Question: - What is I to be forgotten ready?


Excrements (excrement, urine) point not seldom to an immature personality, maybe also on suitable sexual perversions which arise from the unripeness. In the dream of feces the dreaming returns to childish forms of expression and pleasure. Possibly he has not come out at an unaware level about the feeling that everything what deals with bodily functions is dirty and egocentric.
  • Maybe plays the element of the backlash a dominating role in his everyday life.
  • excrements in the dream stand for certain aspects in the life of the dreaming which he has 'used up' and should 'sort out'. Often one can see in it, however, also the tip that one should derive benefit from the former experiences which one leaves behind, while one joins them creatively to new elements.
  • This play with excrements a symbol can be for money and valuables and express financial troubles or fear of responsibility.
  • If excrements into living animals change, maybe in rats, the dreaming resigns himself to the fact that he himself is responsible for how he handles with his impulses.
  • The emptying of the bowel stands ordinarily for the wish of the dreaming without living responsibility and worries or diminishing, however, his inhibitions. In addition, the defecation can symbolise the sexual act.
  • blockage, so holding back of excrements, symbolises an inability to let go the past or former behaviour patterns. The dreaming looks 'blocked' in his behaviour.
  • soiling
  • Seeing one to itself with excrements, the selfrefusal and disgust can express because one cannot accept parts of own personality.
  • the excrements understand
  • old dream books as a symbol for prosperity and luck.


At this level excrements in the dream can symbolise spiritual expression. The dreaming longs to get rid of bad feelings or to transform, however, into something valuable.


(European ones).:

  • retire: one will soon be able to feel a clear relief in a topical matter,
  • feel of it dirty: one is afraid not to be accepted from other,
  • with own excrement be occupied: one wants to escape from mental ballast or tiresome circumstances,
  • see or hineintreten: a very good sign for favourable trend of personal relations and satisfaction,
  • play with it: one has fallen back in an immature sexually anal phase or one could win new for the future from old experiences.
(See also excrement, urine)

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