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In general:

Udder (cow) can promise as a luck symbol a present which one unexpectedly receives. Other old dream books see the warning in him that one must divide his prosperity soon with others.


It is the organ which donates food and to which the farmer owes a part of his wealth. Thus it stands for luck, growing prosperity and satisfaction. The connection in which the picture appears in the dream can also give instructions to you in which area you yourselves can be especially creative at the moment. Only sometimes points to something impulsive. Should be translated rather than useful tip to how one can better reach to spiritual food. Besides, in the negative case one maybe opens a simple-minded reasoning with which, finally, less comes out than one has hoped. To Artemidoros a bulging-full udder promises a full purse.



  • see or milk: one will make headway in the occupation and can well come to an agreement with superiors, - also: unexpected visit receive, - blessing, - present, - property, luck.

(European ones).:

  • see: Hopes do not surrender, - one will have to divide his possession, - also: if a present can promise as a luck symbol,
  • empty: Success.


  • see: you will receive a present.

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