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Pomegranates point because of her colour to wounds, because of her stings on tortures and because of the Eleusinischen legend on slavery and submission. (Kore is an epithet of Persephone. By the pleasure of a pomegranate Persephone kidnapped by Hades, the daughter of the Demeter, the right, on remaining return lost to the upper world. Hence, eleusinischen Mysten the fruit of this tree was forbidden)



  • see in the tree: sudden wealth attain,
  • pick: now you can begin successfully your work,
  • eat, immature ones: a disagreeable experience in the next time,
  • eat matures: Luck in the play.

(European ones).:

  • see: one will come to honour, - also: one should renounce the superficial pleasures which endanger the morality and health, - one should enrich his soul life,
  • pick: Prosperity and joy,
  • give somebody: Luck,
  • of that (m) lovers handed get: there is the danger of a cunning to fall for the tricks, - the strong will will preserve, nevertheless, from dependence,
  • eat: Kisses, - one will be released from a suspicion, - also: one can be beguiled by the charm of a person.


  • see: The worry that your children do not go astray,
  • matures pick: Favour of high people,
  • immature ones: Misfortune by defamation,
  • eat: one admires you.

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