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Association: - Wisdom, - vision. Question: - Which part of me is from nature points?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Night-flying, - quietly, - well hearing, - messenger, - old knowledge, - strength, - femininity, - paradox, - magic, - secret, - bearer of the dreams, - wisdom, - eastern soul path. Description: The owl is associated in the medicine wheel with the middle position of the eastern soul path and with the wisdom. This nocturnal bird of prey flies noiselessly and hears so well that after him is repeated not seldom, he goes hunting after the hearing. The people hold the owl already for a long time for an especially symbolic-laden bird, and like the raven the owl also embodies the ambivalence. Some see a positive messenger in the owl, - others fear them than bearer of misfortune news. Owls and ravens were often associated with witches and witch's strength and some trunks close to the earth thought that witches could accept the shape of these birds. For other old people the owl symbolises that wisdom which lived originally in all earth religions. General meaning: Your deep wisdom, - your female attributes, - your intuition, your vulnerability and the strength, D sharp from them can result, - magic, either black or white, - the secret of the night and the stranger, - the secret of the silence, - paradox, - ambivalence. Association: Night owl - somebody who goes with pleasure late to bed. Transcendent meaning: Understanding of the stranger, - a messenger of the magic or the wisdom.


Owl nothing deals with the loud screech owl which should announce forthcoming death or a misfortune. The owl is a night animal, at night sees in contrast to the people excellently and from their darkness something appears only shadowy. This can be translated the impulsive much too in us who robs of the rest us, possibly also the rest, the mental balance which we search in a world more fully of dark hostility for ours I. In the dream it is a symbol which points to wisdom, knowledge and supernatural notion property of the dreaming. The owl is felt in the dream, however, also often as disconcerting, in this connection she points to the mystic strength of the love, the death, the mind and to deep secrets. Moreover, she can stand for fear of sexuality or before the unconscious all together. The following accompanying circumstances are often important for the understanding:
  • owl can see to announce examination and views which are not always pleasant, however.
  • hear calling owl points to an instruction which will be not always pleasant one, - sometimes one understands also as a death message.
  • owl in the cage should hold on advancement and wisdom point.


The owl stands for the wish for wisdom to see through the dark, as well as for the striving of the soul for spiritual concentration. The owl seems serious, pensive and points.



  • see: by your cleverness you increase your luck,
  • many see: one should not reject well-intentioned advice,
  • hear shouting: Poverty, discontent, illness or death,
  • catch: one watches out for uncanny society,


  • a bad omen: The owl is valid as a herald of informal discontents in which the dreaming carries causal guilt. He should set about it straight away, to sight on him to coming up problems and to solve, if necessary also, while he apologises. (Man

(European ones).:

  • beside the sexual symbolism a picture of the reassurance, - the passion fights with the mind of the person,
  • in general: Signs for the right judgement of a personal situation, - very often also a tip that we can soon see through an opaque thing,
  • see: Illness of a being close person, - one will receive an instruction, - also: are threatened by enemies,
  • many see: now one should not reject the well-intentioned advice more different, - one will find out a valuable instruction,
  • see flying: Quarrel, family tiff,
  • hear shouting: a painful death or own death is closer than one believes, - means a fright, - often unpleasant customer of friends or relatives,
  • follows this dream
  • catch or in the cage see: points to uncanny guests or society,
  • a dead one: one himself is close or somebody to one, will escape only scarcely from the death.


  • hear shouting: you will be present at a burial,
  • see: a misfortune threatens you, is careful!
(See also darkness, nature, 'snowy owl', 'birds', 'wood')

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