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medicine wheel:

Key words: Crystal, - heart, - blood, - stimulant, - balance of sexual energy, - moon of the maturing berries. Description: Garnet is in the medicine wheel the mineral totem which is associated with in the moon of the ripe berries (from the 23rd of July to the 22nd of August) to Born ones. This crystalline silicate with a resinous shine seems in six different tones, Red, brown, Yellow, black and white. Garnet is a very widespread mineral. Red garnet above all is associated with the sturgeon, but also with the heart and the blood in general. From the garnet one said earlier that he stimulates the heart and compensates sexual energy. General meaning: Balance of sexual energy, - stimulation of your heart, - deeply felt views, - love. Association: Pomegranate, - shells. Transcendent meaning: Gift of the love.



  • see or own: a hot-loving heart win, - dear luck.

(European ones).:

  • garnet jewellery: you have good views for the future.


  • (jewellery): Luck.
(See also precious stones, jewellery)

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