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Ore is a raw material which must be refined to make it useful. In dreams it can show the resources available to the person. Ore in the dream can also symbolise new ideas, thoughts, information and draughts, the dreaming sees through not yet completely has. Ore can register that one material convert into spiritual-mental values, should not be guided too strongly towards material sighting. If one digs for ore, one will reach probably to important knowledge and examination or ventilate a secret. Also security and continual prosperity can be expressed in the ore.


At the spiritual level ore stands for grounding.


Of all gravity impediment and poverty calls, - then heavy things sink quickly down. In the dream to have a forehead from ore or iron is useful only to customs officers, bar owners and people who fight with recklessness through the life, it introduces in all remaining ones only hatred. To every sick person him believes to ore to have become, the dream face prophesies the death, - except the athlete and the slave, - erstere will gain a victory and get a statue, the latter are released. Since from ore are the statues of the open air who is donated as a Weihgeschenke. The same means it if somebody sees his picture or the statue from ore on public mark place put up. To see god's statues from ore mean on account of her firm and unverweslichen material good, above all if one sees them not smashed still broken.



  • look: you have found a way to increase your property, hurries up you and you succeed,
  • noble, see or own: do not deal with wrong things,
  • find or dig: a secret will be revealed, - misfortune in the love,
  • see in big blocks: no help in the need.

(European ones).:

  • wage for heavy work, - profit in the lottery.


  • dig: a secret becomes obvious to you,
  • see: the luck and the satisfaction is in your house.

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