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A picture means the children, the plans and the self-confidence of the dreaming, - the children because of the resemblance, the self-confidence and the plans because each is resplendent with his pictures. A picture from firm and unverweslichem material is better than one which is painted, from wax, of tone or another similar material. Everything what happens to the pictures will also happen to the children of the dreaming and his planned enterprises. Often the dream face comes true to parents, brothers and, moreover, in namesakes. It dreamt somebody, he would be chained to the base of the Poseidon of the Isthmos. He became a priest of the Poseidon, - then as such he might not go away from the place of his priesthood. Somebody dreamt, he comes to the high school of his father's town and sees his statue which was put up there really as a Weihgeschenk. Then it seemed to him as if the whole external rack from the joints has gone. When him somebody asked what has happened then with his statue, he thought to answer: 'My statue is healthy, only the rack is in two.' The man became lame on both feet what was quite comprehensible, because the high school symbolised his good body constitution generally, however, the statue meant his face, the external rack the remaining body parts. A woman dreamt, her slave who served her as a hairdresser hangs to herself her picture painted on a medallion around and draws her clothes as if she wants to go to a pageant. Directly the slave made the man abspenstig to her, while this she slandered, and her Widerwärtigkeiten and irritating scenes brought on. Pageant means (pomps, procession - pompeia means mockery, derision).


(European ones).:

  • see: in occupation and love achieve little success,
  • women should pay attention to your call,
  • the portraits are ugly, you will get at home annoyance.
(See also picture)

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