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Association: - emotionally set. Question: - In which areas of my life am I ready to feel surer emotionally?


To drown in the dream, points out as a rule to the fact that the dreaming runs the risk to be overpowered by feelings which he cannot use. The dreaming is afraid to let free run to his feelings. The symbol of the drowning points to serious problems often caused by lacking planning, to helplessness and a too low self-confidence. The dreaming has himself in a situation hineinmanövriert which he cannot control any more. He is aware of his inability to master a situation topically loading him, or which he threatens to set in too many duties or tumultuous events, - one must remove this negative stress quickly.
  • the drowning is often interpreted as a warning of risks and misfortune. At the moment everything is for the dreaming a fight and he has problems 'to hold the head about water'. However, it can also mean that one feels beaten from a female figure. Also future financial need can be shown so.
  • Who threatens to drown in the dream or sees drowning, to that something gets lost in the guard that for him seemed to be valuable. It is also a tip to pay attention in future better, so that certain mistakes do not happen any more.
  • Who is saved before the drowning, to that says the unconscious that yet everything is not lost.
  • being able to do escape the dreaming from own strength, this means that he owns enough opposition forces also in reality to come out of this apparently hopeless situation.
  • however,
  • he sets, he must mobilise all only possible forces to find a way out. The vision wants to warn the dreaming against not losing the optimism.
  • dreams of the drowning on lake can lead on feelings of the uncertainty about the future. Try to remember whether country was by view.
  • in a dream a drowning person to save, maybe symbolises the fighter in one. However, such a dream can also indicate a cry for help of somebody which is close to one. If one saves a drowning, this can also mean that one will master the dangers courageously and resolutely.


At the spiritual level drowning in the dream means dipping into the sea of the life and, hence, loss of the Ichs.



  • even: you must help yourself, does not wait for foreign help,
  • see themselves: you will badly marry,
  • others see: a stingy person makes to you the life difficult,
  • save a drowning: one will soon succeed in a matter which requires courage and consideration.

(European ones).:

  • the courage test which always sends a reminder to special care - promises prosperity and luck, - also: indicates the loss of property and life,
  • are saved before it: one will get to know a very good-natured person who will sacrifice a lot for one,
  • to a drowning rush to help: one will overcome a very dangerous situation with a lot of courage and Kaltblütigkeit, - also: a high-powered friend have and enjoy well-earned luck,
  • save a drowning: if reward or honourary place,
  • promises
  • see a drowned: if means pleasure,
  • are drowned by another: Property loss,
  • with a disaster many drowned see: tells big victims in,
  • Seeing a young woman her darlings drowning, this loss prophesies by death.
  • drown an animal: if a heavy illness announces.


  • the prosperity of your house will increase,
  • become: is careful, the misfortune is behind you.
  • others see: unnatural death.
(See also: 'River', 'pond', 'water')

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