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Association: - Restriction, - selfdoubt. Question: - Which part of me needs more space to be able to live?


In the dream indicates to suffocate that the dreaming has come into conflict with his inability to bring to bear itself appropriately. A conflict rules before between the internal one and external Even of the dreaming. However, possibly it also concerns the decision hardly to be made whether certain circumstances should be appealed or not. Suffocation (strangling) is often understood as a symbol by experiences of life which put down 'the air' which restrain energy and energy, - also with it linked fears are often expressed in this symbol. Then not seldom one also suffers in the everyday life from psychosomatic disturbances, how breathlessness or dumpling feeling in the neck. Then the edged out experience must be made deliberate again and be processed. Now and then one recognises in the suffocation also a feeling respect (often mother - child) which properly robs of the breath and restrains the free development. Maybe the dreaming is suppressed by other people or by circumstances and cannot bring this under control. The feeling to get no more air in the everyday life also releases in the dream natural counterweir: One wakes and feels a relief which can stop throughout the day. One knows about the sick people who threaten to suffocate in the dream that they release in the awake life suddenly willpower with whose help they were able to overcome, finally, the illness.


Suffocation in the dream can point to a conflict or a restriction at spiritual level.



  • you will be soon released from your illness, - one envies other her success.

(European ones).:

  • in a narrow space: if health, recovery tells in, as well as mind clarity,
  • (in general): if means recovery, - or one will succeed, the jealousy and the envy wakes up more different,
  • others see: one will defeat his enemies,
  • another: an opponent would like to do something bad person to one.


  • others see: struggle out of a presently heavy situation again,
  • even: you aim at a change, but you do not know yet how you should start it.

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