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Sculptors form the inanimate matter, breathe to her as it were the creator's mind. One can cover this to own life and expect that one will soon carry out favorable changes or can bring by more creativity again movement in a numb situation. Also the security of the material existence or success in close future can sometimes announce the symbol sculptor. He is translated the active aspect which would always like to knock out the best contours with hammer and chisel-: the unconscious that worries that we could deliver no good picture in the awake life because we would like to knock out at all costs more for ourselves. In the positive dream he is valid as a symbol for the creativity which can also assert itself against the hardness of the everyday life (or under heavy conditions). As a nightmare he wants to say: Care, one does not see the reality any more, one flees in a dream world and chisels to himself his own reality against better knowledge too surely.



  • see working: secret enemies have.

(European ones).:

  • see: one will collect knowledge, - also: Their position in favour of a less remunerative, but for it to more demanding ones give up,
  • see themselves as such: bigger security for the existence,
  • sculptor's products issued see: one will achieve in short time a big aim,
  • Meaning a young woman, her husband or lover is a sculptor, she will enjoy the favour of high-powered men.

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