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The first woman

medicine wheel:

Key words: Spider Woman, - Changing Woman, - White Buffalo Woman, - Spirit Woman, - the big mother, - the creators, - Copper Woman, - Thought Woman, - Morning star Woman, - Daybreak star Woman, - the female. Description: The first woman is revered by some trunks close to the earth as the creator of all. She is familiar under many names, under it Spirit Woman, Morning star Woman, Daybreak star Woman, Spider Woman, Changing Woman, Copper Woman, Thought Woman. With some Indian's trunks she is valid as that which receives the life by food and ceremonies. General meaning: Your view of the mother earth, - a look at the deepest part of your female mother, - harmony with your femininity. Association: Matriarchat, - the woman comes first, - the woman is primary, - the primarily female, - original, primitive woman. Transcendent meaning: A leader or ally who wants to help you to discover your deepest connection with the earth and with all female aspects of the being.

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