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A nightmare which mostly tries to work off a mental-spiritual 'murder': One has 'killed' a sensation, a talent, a respect - often for reasons of the adaptation and reason. If one is shot in the dream, one should strive to escape from his inhibitions, because one can overcome only so substantial difficulties. The other meaning arises from the power originating from it which expresses destruction and self-destruction, as well as the choice of the weapons. By the way: No reason for the panic! With certainty this dream does not want to indicate to you that you soon become the murder victim.



  • somebody, with a gun: a bad premeaning, - your plan is bad, you must reject it, then there comes the luck,
  • somebody: an enemy pursues you,
  • see: murky future,
  • are shot: you are in love hopelessly.

(European ones).:

  • are shot: announced a fateful future, honour.

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