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Murder / murder


Murder should promise after old dream books Long life with good health. One can see in it, however, also the tip that one is 'murdered' parts of own personality by massive displacement as it were and is unhappy, therefore.



  • are afraid of it: if a long and pleasant life, - also promises: one will have to make big sacrifices to reach an old age,
  • see how another is murdered: one will receive bad news,
  • become: you are surrounded by wrong and perfidious people who always try to damage to you,
  • to themselves see murdering somebody: one is to be added in the concept to himself a misfortune,
  • commit: one runs the risk to act thoughtlessly,
  • take part in a murder plot: one will derive benefit from a thing which becomes to another the disaster.

(European ones).:

  • become: is fine always the sign of an approaching misfortune and difficulties,
  • murder themselves to somebody: one should watch out for mindless actions.


  • murder: damp your rage,
  • are murdered: you must make a big sacrifice.

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