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Who has them, inside has a cold anyhow about his deliberate action. One searches the reason and can reach from there maybe to more internal peace. The dream symbol cold also points to the fact that one either reacts even to chilly and reserved and damages himself with it, or that one lives in too chilly and reserved surroundings. It often appears with acute respect crises. Too much cold and/or not enough fire!
  • cough: The cough points in the dream to edged out aggressions: One wants to cough other a little bit as the colloquial language expresses it symbolically.
  • a cold: With the cold in the dream (and not only there) one is fed up. This means that the situation in which one is is too much.
However, a clear explanation of a cold in the dream can also be that at night one has covered and has really caught cold.



  • even: one should take before wrong friends in eight.

(European ones).:

  • tells an illness in. Every now and then one feels in the sleep cold as a result of bare lying, and dreams of frost, ice and such uneasy things what should promise then visits with which one will be not always very pleased.


  • illness threatens your house.
(See also illness, cough, a cold)

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