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Hang (More hung) mostly registers that one has lost ground and does not recognise at the moment how the other life runs. If one himself is hung, everything probably turns to the good, one sees a hung, can point to an unfavorable idiom.


Are hung and to itself hang urge ale and oppressions registers because hung suffer such tortures, further the abandonment of the native country or the place, - where one was when one had the dream face - then the hung has no more ground under the feet still a firm seat.



  • to itself: Incommodities, - one will soon leave the native country, - grief will follow it,
  • a stranger to itself: warns about too big carelessness and intemperance,
  • many strangers: Grief, need and lack of money,
  • see a hung: there threatens lack of money or bad news.

(European ones).:

  • one is understood in a developing crossing,
  • see: if brings misfortune,
  • appears to you a big human mass which is present at an execution by the rope, many enemies will get together to destroy your position,
  • to itself: announces stupidities which one could easily commit to experience then damage, - the situation changes to the better, - one is in a developing crossing and 'hangs in the floating',
  • are hung or his: Luck and honour,
  • more different him is hung: good omen for this person, - he will come to wealth and honour,
  • see a hung: one may not hesitate long to lead any risqué action to the good exit,
  • cut off a hung: Nevertheless, the luck if the hung returns to the life he is dead, any misfortune enters.

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