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Association: - Hold back communication. Question: - What is I to be said or to hear ready?


If one has in the dream the feeling to be strangled, then is expressed with the fact that one is overpowered by his fears. It can also be a tip to the fact that the dreaming does not have his sphere under control. If the dreaming rejects the respect with a certain person, this could lead to strangulation to dreams. Also fears in the sexual area find a valve in this picture. If he is that which is strangled by a known person, this person feels crushed possibly in the everyday life of him.


At the spiritual level such dreams can stand for the negative energy which cuts off the air to the dreaming.



  • you has no loan and stands in danger.

(European ones).:

  • are strangled by invisible hands: a person being close to you will try to injure you,
  • are strangled: are soon involved in an oppressive and strenuous respect.

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