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Association: - do spit out from indigestible thoughts or feelings? Question: - Of what must I get rid?


With too strong load by problems and difficulties the dreaming must 'spit out' the disagreeable indigestible grief which originates to him from it and get rid. A dream of the vomiting means that disagreeable feelings are let out. The dreaming escapes from something which affects his well-being considerably. If the dreaming feels made easier after the vomiting, this is called that he would like to edge out a little bit absolutely. If he vomits agonising and under pains, this picture shows to the dreaming that his problem is not to be got rid so simply and he must still process it. If the dreaming with a feeling of the feeling of sickness wakes, this means that he feels this freeing which has taken place in the dream at an emotional level. If another person vomits in the dream, this is called that the dreaming has injured this person. Sympathy is right. Vomiting can point like failure to the need for selfcleaning which is expressed, however, more aggressively. In particular cases one recognises in it also disgust and surfeit before himself, other people or the life par excellence, - then the individual causes must be cleared and be overcome.


At the spiritual level vomiting symbolises a freeing from bad persons.


A lot of blood vomit which from good colour and is unspoilt, brings to a poor luck, - it promises increase in property and money galore because money and blood have the same meaning, an observation which already the old manners have made. Well it is more distant for a childless and everybody which has a close relative away from home. erstere the birth of a child, the latter will experience the return of a relative - in both cases blood relations-. If the blood flows into dishes, the child will become big, and the travelling will still live long time after his homecoming, - however, it flows on the earth, both will die, and that who stayed away from home becomes in his native country, that is return in the lap of the mother earth which is the native country common to all people. To see flowing blood is for one which wants to stay undiscovered, disastrous, - one will track down him and transfer. Spoilt blood announces illness all people without difference. If it is only a little, so that it resembles rather a blood spittle than blood break, it means after my experience quarrel with the relatives. Sputum of bile or mucus promises to somebody who is during the misfortune, in a distress or illness, freeing from his present Übeln, - then all materials cause no more discomfort if one has eliminated them. It brings to one to which it completely goes out by wish first something bad, then it releases him from it. The vomiting of dishes means any damage because the body accepts no food. The elimination of own intestines or intestine by the mouth forecasts to man and woman the death of children, childless the loss of the most expensive what they own. To a sick person the dream face prophesies the death.



  • Dreaming one, he vomits dishes, there will be in his house noise and quarrel around money and property, - then everything what the belly encloses means of the house money and property.
  • Spitting of a blood, he will lose against the will so much gold, as he has given blood of himself, - vomits somebody only water, also means this capital loss, - sputum of bile promises freeing from illness, admittedly, around the price of issues, - gives to a feeding and drink of himself, means also these capital losses.
  • vomits another person: Passion for gossip can lead to annoyance and big social difficulties,
  • a clearly recognizable form of the vomited: Miss in business things.

(European ones).:

  • of a door, a cupboard: indicates disagreeable surprises,
  • vomit: be involved in a scandal, - profit for the arms, injuries for the empires, - also: Symbol of the forthcoming luck with which one is promoted by others,
  • vomit and then feel fine: Healing of an illness or solution of a heavy conflict, - freeing from worries,
  • vomit and awake: one will feel an indisposition,
  • other see vomiting: one tries to oblige you with wrong statements for the help,
  • Blutspeien: are soon struck unexpectedly by illness, - sombre future prospects lead to dejection, - children and domestic matters prepare for you frustration,
  • If a woman a living chicken spits, she misses a pleasure because of the illness of a member. Bad shops and discontent also combine with this dream.


  • Dreaming of the emperors, he vomits for free will and without discomfort, he will revoke his decisions and contracts which he met with other people, - everything will go for a my husband in his occupation squint.
  • Dreaming a devout or hermit, he vomits involuntarily and under pains, he will deviate from the straight way to God, - from an easy man one will claim back hard what he has bundled together with unfair means.
  • Vomiting only the dishes, he eaten, will free himself he from malice and bitterness not without loss or damage.
  • wanting somebody with the help of a drink vomit by force, however, it is not capable, the prince will put under pressure him with outstanding debts, however, he will lose no money still pay, but get wage of God.
(See also failure, disgust, illness)

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