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Association: - paralyzing fear, - trust loss. Question: - What is for my well-being of central meaning? In which part of myself do I trust?


Terror in the dream is often the result of undistraught fears and doubts and can be a trigger for a deeper understanding of the own Itself. The dreaming is probably ready only to confront himself with the fears and doubts if he experiences a so violent feeling. A person around his fear knows, something can undertake against them. Terror is difficult to master because to the dreaming in the dream the background of his terror is not mostly accessible. If one attacks in the awake state of terror, there is a technology which helps the affected person to see through the causes of his panic fear. One catches them in words in which one says: 'I feel terror because of...' and then the instantaneous circumstances and immediate reactions start. Every new statement must be worked through so long, until a natural end is reached. For example: 'I have dreadful fear because I have no money.' 'I have no money because I have spent it in supermark.' 'I have spent it in supermark because I need to eat something.' 'I must eat something because I am afraid to die' and so forth. The causes of the terror are opened by this method step by step. If it is not the dreaming, but another person in his dream who finds out terror, then is the job of the dreaming to relieve the terror and to consider a suitable approach.


Spiritual terror could be led back on fear of the bad person.



  • you will receive another position and other work.


  • This symbol can be explained only in connection with the remaining signs of the respective dream. Nevertheless, it always means a warning: One is surrounded by different dangers and menaces which one should not underestimate. The biggest care is offered!
(See also fright)

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