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If a dream trades of the fact that the dreaming holds a hive in a beehive, this is for him a tip to handle well with his physical, spiritual and mental resources. The beehive symbolises a regular long-term relationship in which with substantial diligence is worked and is pulled from all resources the greatest possible use. If the dreaming is in his dream near a beehive, this can be a tip to the strains to which he must submit if he wants to achieve good yields for himself. A beehive also shows protecting motherliness. He signals a well-organised, thereby maybe a little bit dull life, also the wish at any price to strike can be hidden behind it. One should consider whether one did not like to break out now and again, nevertheless, once to gain new experience, and watch out for excessive adaptation.


A beehive shows the female strength of the nature. The symbol a hollow container, the food contains, earth stands in connection with mother. It can be also interpreted as an available or missing eloquence.



  • Dreaming one, he breaks a beehive, he will give to his slaves the freedom, - the dreaming himself is a slave, he is released, he is desperately poor, become rich.
  • consumed somebody a honeycomb from a beehive, he will win what he would never have expected, and he will be clever because the work of the bees of big cleverness testifies.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, one brings him honeycombs and he eats of it, rich deliveries, combined with joy, from his people will run towards him, - the honeycomb means because the work of the people. If one brings him honeycombs which contain no honey, his income will be poor.


  • an ambivalent tip: The beehive is a symbol for future prosperity and dignity.
  • an empty or destroyed beehive means against it big financial and/or mental problems.

(European ones).:

  • see: the dangerous enterprises which one will lead to a successful conclusion.

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