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Kidnapping / kidnap

Association: - Work on the independence and freedom. Question: - Which responsibility want I to take over or do I fear to take over?


A kidnapping dream can be valid as a tip that one had once a traumatic experience of violence, it edged out 'successfully', but still covers from it feeling of inferiority - and permanent fear to give up itself 'to somebody' - also sexually. To be kidnapped in the dream, makes to the dreaming clear that his own fears and doubts can make him the victim. He is unnerved by his own internal 'demons' and is overpowered. She can also ask to decide soon on a marriage if there are clues for it in the real life situation. Nevertheless, it can also be the dreaming who kidnaps another person. This would mean at the easiest level that he tries to influence this person. Or, however, the dreaming aims at appropriating the popular qualities of his 'victim'. Otherwise it is understood in general as a luck symbol.


At this level the kidnapper corresponds in the dream a sort of 'soul thief'.



  • Seeming it one, his daughter has been kidnapped by a known adulterer, the kidnapper will rob the father of the kidnapped girl cunningly, the kidnapper is unknown, his enemy will also make a mistake in his property.
  • kidnapping of a female person: unexpected marriage of single people,
  • are kidnapped: can count on the fulfilment of a heart's desire,
  • kidnap themselves somebody: You take by force what one does not want to give to you, however, this brings no welfare.

(European ones).:

  • kidnapping promises a harsh disappointment, - also: her circumstances are to be improved in the concept and many of your worries are groundless,
  • are carried away by others by force: Plans against all opposition carry out,
  • carry out: meant a promise to marry or an alliance of friends,
  • of a child: if brings unexpected luck,
  • of a big personality of the public life: Expression of the discontent in the people with a political direction.


  • become: watch out for cold,
  • others: you will soon have to decide on a marriage, because pushes the time.

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