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Association: - transcendent knowledge, - sympathy, - higher consciousness, - revelation. Question: - Which inspiration is I to be received ready?


The angel seems in the Christian, Jewish and mohammedanischen religion as a God's messenger. It is a symbol for the protective mind, for the soul leader. Religious pictures possibly find entrance in the life of the dreaming. Engel embodies generally messages from the unconscious which follow one and in which life creation should include. The angel in the dream points to the fact that the dreaming searches a parental figure which grants unreserved love and support, or that the dreaming himself must develop these qualities. The respect with the mother or mother's figure must be looked as a separate unity. The angel in the dream is the personification of this respect. He wants to show to us emotionally the right way which can sometimes be also a way out from personal difficulties. The angel indicates that we do not get on alone any more. Who sees himself as Engel, his setting should think over in the awake life and check whether he behaves really 'angelically'. Maybe one must also separate from some dear-become or is taken away in another vicinity. The wish for harmony, a strong stress of the mental does not become apparent, maybe yet in the everyday life, but anyway unconsciously in the dream. The following meanings are often connected with it:
  • Engel see announces that one will soon find a solution of upcoming problems by better examination.
  • Engel will hear speaking in old dream books as a tip to illness and death of a being close person interpreted.
  • the luck and respect can promise
  • Seeing one to itself as Engel.
  • Two angels from whom one seems nice 'darkly', the other, however, beaming mostly asks to decide between property and Nastily.
  • by several angels be surrounded internal harmony and harmony with the environment often points.


At this level angels signal the spiritual opening of the dreaming in the dream. In addition, angels stand for heavenly forces and enlightenment and revelation.



  • see: indicates at luck and hope as well as good behaviour in the life, - now Nothing is able to do to you damage, you must undertake something and succeed.
  • flying: Heart rest, happy age, - joy,
  • hear singing: narrow friends plan a betrayal or a being close person will die after long illness,
  • an angel speak: Fulfilment of many wishes,
  • become: it means high honour, - for sick people often the death, - care is offered in all situations.

(European ones).:

    a good meaning has
  • the symbol of a good being, also always, - from momentary difficulties a way out is searched, - also: for bad people to regret a reminder, - can help as a messenger a too new examination and knowledge,
  • see: stands for a lot of luck, the fulfilment of all devout wishes, as well as strength of character and help from On top or a way out, - also: a spiritual wedding or a new deep friendship approaches,
  • be: if means big honour, however, is valid also as a death notion,
  • see themselves as one: one will win love and friendship,
  • by such be surrounded: one will find the big internal rest and satisfaction.


  • Looking somebody one of the angels of God who are called in the holy books and are taped he will receive a glad news.
  • there will be
  • Ruling war in the country, a quick and overpowering victory over the enemies, grief becomes in joy, illness in health change, and poverty will give way to the wealth.
  • A woman who is of good hope will give the life to a boy.
  • Having of the emperors this face and it seems to him, he speaks with the angel, will come true everything what he has heard of him invariably, good or bad person. If he looks only angel without speaking with him, it means victory over his enemies, growth of his people and saturation of the arms.
  • Looking one which should suffer for God's name, an angel, he knows that he is saved.
  • seen somebody one of the angels who are anonymous and are not taped in the holy writing those will fulfil joy and delight, however, in more modest measure.
  • Dreaming one of an unknown, nice and stately eunuch, this one angel is to be equated because of his spotlessness, angel's equality and virginity by carnal desire, and, therefore, he will have for the dreamer the same meaning like an angel. Also everything will come true what this announces to him soon. Also a known, distinguished eunuch of rank and dignity means the same what is said on top by the angels.
  • hear speaking: a person known to you will have to die,
  • be: big honour is given you.
(See also 'religious pictures', 'birds')

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