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The narrowness in the dream stands for restriction or limitation. The dreaming has sometimes created them themselves, sometimes another person. A narrow street in the dream is a warning not to deviate from the smashed way. One can perceive narrowness in the dream in different forms and must interpret them according to accompanying circumstances and individual life situation. Often is expressed in the fact that one feels limited in the selfdevelopment, a cramped life leads. However, it is also possible that the symbol points to a restricted horizon and asks to become more active spiritual, to collect more information and knowledge. Narrowness also does not point to it there in dealing with other people to be too purblind and evaluating. The dreaming is possibly too intolerant. A narrow bridge could point to communication difficulties, - maybe it is difficult for the dreaming to express his images clearly. A narrowness by which we must squeeze ourselves can be evaluated as recollections of our birth (then one feels as again-born). However, mostly the picture of the narrowness wants to indicate us that we should look in the deliberate life for a way out from a difficult situation and struggle through. Before a change in the occupation or in the private life the narrowness often indicates the bottleneck by which we have to go through to be able to find the way us about the new situation.


One-sidedness is no spiritual virtue, but the self-restraint can require from the dreaming to remain on the smashed path.



  • be restricted (in streets or ways): to soak off a warning from the smashed way.
  • you longs for bigger relations.

(European ones).:

  • squeeze themselves about a narrow path: big strains start around success having, - the success will appear if one has already almost despaired.
(See also way, gulch, column)

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