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  • Finding or gets somebody a beehive of tame bees, he will become rich if he is poor, a powerful figure or the emperor will have subjects who are diligent and taxes pay according to the diligent work of the bees.
  • Finding one a honeycomb, he will collect big, welcome wealth which other have compiled hard.
  • Dreaming of the emperors or a prince who owns a beehive this is destroyed, he will lose useful farm-hands, but no soldiers. If it seems to one of them, he bumps into a beehive, he will acquire such useful farm-hands, - the bees point then to this.
  • see: your diligence will find reward,
  • very big salary.

(European ones).:

  • put up: slightly new sources of income will present themselves,
  • see: happy home,
  • see destroying one: Bad luck and misunderstandings.

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