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In your unconscious the alarm bells seem to ring. If you are about just to do something what can damage to you. Or do you act against your conviction? Wretchedly which one sees with others, points out to the fact that one should recognise how well one has it himself, and should be content with it. The envy is sometimes expressed in it also more different which one has not noted yet.



  • see big: unhappy relations,
  • see: you will feel remorse, - you lose your property if you do not pay attention,
  • get into it: your grief will be soon repaired,
  • feel: murky and anxious views.

(European ones).:

  • see himself in the misery: if a rich inheritance tells in,
  • are in the misery: sad news receive and the striving for the greatest possible prosperity will tyre,
  • other see in the misery: if means approaching real misery, - or one will be envied, - also: points to quarrel and dishonest shops between friends.

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