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Association: quick advancement with big ease, - charm. Question: About which am I easily ready hinwegzugleiten?


The skating symbolises like the ice-dancing or the easy ice skate balance, talent, self-control and security. Dreams in those one dances or ice-skates, are ordinarily pleasing, and although they are often pure desirable fulfilment dreams, they also have special meaning. The symbols in the dreams are similar and say us that one is glad quite in general of the life. If one ran figures or one took dance steps about which one knows that one would never create them in reality, then this can be interpreted as the readiness 'to take off' in any area of life. Then the symbol is closely connected with the dream of the aviation. If one runs in the dream easily on the ice and the movements are harmonious, one will be able to solve difficult duties with bravado. If one did not manage with the dream skating, one should consider whether awake-I acts maybe thoughtlessly or much too emotionally. If one falls or it comes on the ice to an accident, one should watch out for selfoverestimation and careless actions. If one breaks during the run in the ice, difficulties are to be expected, above all in the interpersonal relations. Does the dream maybe urge 'to draw the ice skates' and to raise the life tempo? (See also Break, ice, slide road, ice skates)

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