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In general:

Dreams of railway stations, from rails and trains, from resignation and delay, from the luggage and of fellow-passengers are especially frequent. One understands this frequency from the experience compression around all this what hangs together with trip. Behind it there stands a row of urtümlichen actions, however, they itself express in the phenomena of the modern traffic. Even with small trip happens a change of the mental place, - it always is a little a resignation, tension of the coming and interest in all technical which one uses, including. One meets foreign people, deals with his luggage, confides in a vehicle which leads on life lines independent of us to an aim. Every person has big or small railway experiences, - theirs the dream helps itself as a material of his statement. In addition there comes the youth recollection of the child, - where it glides long, dark carriage row, pulled by the strong monster of the railroad engine, in growing speed from the hall of the railway station or with groaning brakes in this hineindonnert, there almost every child has the experience of the great power of the moved life himself. Admittedly, this seems to be rather a male boy's experience, - girls and women interest more the human trimmings, interest more the feeling than the technical relations. Road dreams talk from all what can happen between the leaving from home up to the arrival in the aim after finished journey. If one overlooks hundreds of road dreams, one finds out that every possible detail can appear in the dream, - and every detail has her particular importance. With the meaning of railway dreams is not to be overlooked the fact that it concerns, differently than on a wandering or on a riding a bike, being continued to all being entitled, usual lines, so more around the general one than around the individual life journey. As a road traveller we give ourselves up voluntarily to the timetable and the guidance of the train, - we are on the human life trip which has her certain stations, her certain behaviour pattern. This life trip leads by the general age steps through after our single-human aim. The trains have her certain departure times - who does not catch on time the train, does not come along. What an excellent simile is created with it for the 'Zuspätkommen', for 'missing of the connection' in the life generally. Every activities have his favorable moment, his 'Cairo',-where for us necessary is ready, one himself has to be ready. Much too many come in the life too late, and the reasons for it many are even much too. One has left the cosiness of the home reluctantly, one was still occupied with thousand things. Psychologically expressed: the state change, possibly the crossing of youth to the adult being, is delayed, or one is still bound to various complexes, they do not let go us. Many people are also late because they want to have only too much security, they would like to receive from the highest life authority a certificate for the fact that they reach comfortably, without own achievements, easily and flatly, very pleasant aims. In the railway station one can be late once again, do not catch i.e. the train any more because too many people in the 'internal counter' stand: in us wants to travel too much, it is too much of the life scrum. Others appear with her whole mental household effects hardly breathing in the internal railway station, - they can leave behind nothing. It was not necessary at all that, for example, that man took his child trumpet in the dream. One must be able to renounce after some time his youthful Gelärm. It was a misunderstanding of the life possibilities from on the part of that woman who believes to be able to save her doll kitchen with out in the life. There will always be people who look too much, around that what she concerns a little - above all the destiny more different seems to them to be more important than the own destiny. They experience themselves just only in the other and raise with it big claims to the others than parts of themselves. This is why they delay own life journey. This understood that dream traveller who would have come nearly not more on his train because he had taken care too much of the timely departure of a friend on another platform, - only at the last minute he could jump up on own, quite moving train, helplessly hanging in the clutch of the quite opening door. Thus the destiny lets us for a while thrash in bad, nevertheless well-earned situation. Then in this dream a friend appeared rescuer whom the dreamer respected because of his reliable exactness, but might not suffer. That assistant was obviously own, up to now undervalued function. The fellow-passengers are in our view own soul shares, themselves embodying in friend and stranger. Therefore, wrongfully the dreamer complains of the fact that so much low people go. The dream director picks out what is especially typical for the present life situation, his opponent has to consider on this dream trip just that what accompanies us and one once firmly, it is a mirror of themselves. A person sometimes also sits in our carriage about which we did not know up to now yet that he belongs with in our destiny. In man's dreams it can also be a very foreign looking lady whom we meet here for the first time, although she lives as an Anima deeply in us inside. With women these are according to the level of these internal shapes, crude men, doctors, actors, officers. If they are strangers, they belong to that hardly fathomable world of the Animi. To whom does one sit down who sits opposite beside us, who us? 'First I wanted to sit down to Hartmann.' (Context: Hartmann is robust, healthy, phralerisch and is clever, a pachyderm.) 'Then, however, I sat down to the doctor Vuilleumier.' (Context: Very well, differentiates, competent doctor from simple relations.) dream and context prove the interpretation: The dreamer stood at this time internally not healthy in the scabbard way between crude, robust enjoyment of life and a lifestyle of differentiated and nobler kind. Besides, is not to be forgotten that in him both shapes are.


The railway is an important dream symbol which stands above all for life settings and experiences of life, energy, propulsions, values and aims. From it one can pull important conclusions on the personality and her further development, recognise himself better. She symbolises means to the collective movement on the life. Besides, the railway refers rather to an inflexibility, because it is bound to the rail way, as the coach which can drive individual ways to the need. In addition, the road, also as a streetcar, possibly as a floating, mountain railway etc., stands as a token for the personal ability or the learning job to integrate itself in common life connections and to connect this with own sighting. It stays empty to the dreaming to choose a way which points forwards and to make expert decisions. With her one wants to break loose from his present life, everything leave behind, something new begin. The road achieves aims or produces achievements which are to be reached not individually. Esteem before fare dodgers! In addition, the railway symbolises the strength with which all obstacles which could complicate making headway can be overcome or be avoided. According to the accompanying circumstances above all the following special interpretations arise:
  • single pair of rails shows that there is only one direction, while several rails signal a bigger electoral spectrum.
  • railway see points to intentions and plans which one will soon tackle, - now and again can point also to the forthcoming resignation of a beloved person.
  • a vorrüberfahrender train embodies plans which do not rush one, but should carry out in rest.
  • the train removes
  • , one will soon have to say goodbye to a dear person.
  • The railroad engine embodies the general life energy, - in the carriages the experiences and experiences camp down, - the rails symbolise the values in which one lines up and orients.
  • railway go promises that one will quickly make headway with his intentions and plannings. She embodies the life trip.
  • The railway trip indicates the future life development.
  • alighting from the railway in the railway station promises that one will achieve his aims, - one gets out on free distance, one will not presumably reach to the aim.
  • emergency brake in the railway can pull on overlooked obstacles and risks point which one only must remove, before one can achieve the aim.
  • secrecy, lacking understanding and missing examination often drives
  • in a tunnel meant what leads to the fact that the future still remains dark, - one leaves the tunnel again, one will reach to the examination and achieve success.
  • too late come with the departure of the train indicates complexes, pent-up annoyance which one should diminish immediately, and uncertainties in his contacts with him environment.
  • missed one the railway (one has forgotten which one wanted to the train), one has probably missed a favorable opportunity.
  • missed one the connection, one must submit willy nilly to the instantaneous situation.
  • Becoming one of others hindered to rise in the railway fears and inhibitions which hinder getting on are often expressed in it.
  • involving
  • Being the railway in an accident, bad news approaches.
  • device one under the railway, this can stand for the fear of own impulses and wishes.
  • achieved one by train his aim not, tells on the deliberate life to figuratively that one can be done that one has already given up himself and rather absent-mindedly the day hineinlebt.
  • one comes in the terminus, one can also achieve in the awake life a put aim.


At the spiritual level the railway stands for a person who has decided once on a direction and pursues them then stubbornly or also strictly.



  • you will do a trip. Success.
  • see: News get, -
  • experience the departure of a train: one must separate from a person, -
  • go with it: quick success in business things, - you must hurry up, - reaching of a put aim, -
  • railway: The question is whether one has missed the railway or whether one has reached them. Depending on the dreamer can lay out his dream. Mostly a such dream points to the fact that he is afraid to miss something - or that it is for some 'highest railway'.

(European ones).:

  • new, clear planning is going, - one should intensely look after his business, because enemies want to have a go at one, -
  • see: if Li> tells a resignation in,
  • experience the departure of a train: one will have to separate of heavy heart from a person, -
  • go with it: good and quick progress in the life, -
  • get out of one: one will achieve his aim, -
  • one from a tunnel see coming: one will find out a secret about himself, -
  • of a railway disaster are present: one agrees from a friend who stays in the distance, bad news, -
  • in spite of the haste they miss: one will miss a chance, -
  • rails are blocked by obstacles: They play a wrong play, -
  • on the thresholds of the rails go: difficult times and hard work, -
  • on the iron rails go: to influence thanks to the talent, things in own sense, is very happy, -
  • one rail way flooded by the water: big pleasure for a short while, - climbs up, indeed, bad luck again like a phoenix from the cinder, -
  • with a young woman means the railway that she will go on a trip to visit friends.
(See also departure, arrival, road, railway station, ticket, vehicles, trip, sleeping car, train)

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