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Association: - Inflexibility, - steadfastness, - permanence. Question: - Where in my life I must maintain my place?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Hard, - elastic, - culture-changing, - technology, - temper survival, - health, - centrality, - - moon of the maturing berries. Description: Iron, in the medicine wheel together with garnet the mineral totem in the moon of the maturing berries (from the 23rd of July to the 22nd of August) to Born, is one of the hardest minerals. It has changed whole cultures and has led them in the age of the technology. Iron also delivers the central ion in the Hämoglobinmolekül on which the blood and with it the whole person depends. The centre of the earth also exists of iron. General meaning: Investigation of your strength, your hardness or your elasticity, - new tools test, - new ways to cover you to your own culture and your traditions, - a tip which warns you against paying attention to the iron salary of your food. Association: Iron will, - inflexibility. Transcendent meaning: Increasing flexibility in your ability to dreams, - a thorough understanding of that, as you should steer your life in temperate roads, - how the life could moderate you.


If the metal iron appears in the dream, it shows as a rule the strengths and the regulation of the dreaming. However, it can also symbolise the inflexibility of feelings or images. Iron can stand for hardness up to the brutality and recklessness, iron wills, abilities of getting through, maybe also coldness. One interprets the symbol according to the other accompanying circumstances above all in the following manner:
  • iron melt points out to the fact that one can become happy by loyalty in a respect.
  • iron can forge plans announce which will lead, however, easily to disputes.
  • glowing iron stands for violent, continual feelings for a beloved person.
  • are injured by iron announced forthcoming worries and disappointments.
  • rusty iron announces a disappointment by a being close person or even a separation of her.
  • iron to bend can mean that the dreaming tries 'to straighten' a messed up thing again.
  • Becoming in the dream an iron uses, this is a tip that the dreaming tries to make more from himself.


Iron in the dream may lead on lacking or necessary discipline. The dreaming must watch out to attach rust at the spiritual level ''.


Of all parties like iron and steel, is favorable to nervous minds if one thinks of it umhegt, - then because of the security which they grant they release from fear. Otherwise they prophesy rescue by escape. Of all gravity impediment and poverty calls, - then heavy things sink quickly down. In the dream to have a forehead from ore or iron is useful only to customs officers, bar owners and people who fight with recklessness through the life, it introduces in all remaining ones only hatred. Rings of iron bring luck, however, a laboriously gained, - then the writer calls the iron 'laboriously worked on'. The conversion in iron against it prophesies intolerable strokes of fate, - nevertheless, the dreaming will get over them and reach an old age. Since we call people of iron those which have endured many adversities. It dreamt somebody, he operates with a piece of iron as one operates with a woman. He was condemned to the slave work and had to handle with iron, that is live in chains. Another also had this face, but the gender limb was taken from this. It dreamt somebody, he has an iron gender limb. A son was born to him who killed him, - then the iron becomes by the rust which originates from him.



  • indicates at heavy times,
  • forge on it other: Quarrel and quarrel,
  • forge it: form your destiny energetically, - a favorable time which you should use, - success,
  • see the annealing: are reloved by a person of the other gender,
  • burn themselves on annealing one: unhappy love,
  • poles: your salaries will find recognition,
  • are wounded with it: Misery,
  • see melting: everlasting loyalty,
  • see the rusted: from bad premeaning, - the affection for a person will overturn in hatred which becomes more violent, the more one sees the iron rusted.
  • iron grid: one has to fight with opposition with some plans.

(European ones).:

  • indicates man's courage, strength, strength and opposition will, - under circumstances also opposition against own plans, - also: cruel omen for grief,
  • the annealing: hot dear feelings awake,
  • forge: meant quarrel and quarrel, - disadvantage and clumsiness, - because of wrong application of energy failure have,
  • old, rusted iron: warns about love and passion, - one will separate from friends or female friends, - also: Poverty and disappointment,
  • break: Tiff and quarrel in view,
  • with a piece are hit: brings heavy grief,
  • melt: meant love,
  • pulls an iron load you down: stands for spiritual confusion and material loss,
  • hit with it: Selfishness and cruelty towards dependent people,
  • produce: unfair means to the accumulation of wealth apply,
  • sell: announces dubious success, - your friends will have no decent character,
  • prize decline of iron: one will recognise that luck is an unsafe factor in the life,
  • rise in prices of iron: Glimmer of hope with sombre perspectives,
  • iron grid: there will be obstacles and difficulties,
  • iron chain: murky future,
  • iron ring: one will experience a golden wedding or take part in it.


  • are surprised with it: Misery,
  • see melting: only the real loyalty dresses up to you the life,
  • process: Quarrel and quarrel approaches you.
(See also sheet iron, colours)

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