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Ice cream


Ice cream in the dream stands in connection with sensuousness and taste. Under normal circumstances is this one pleasing experience which will remind the dreaming of his childhood and of more lighthearted times. If the dreaming eats ice cream in his dream, he is also able as an adult to get joy in his life with small things. Ice cream can also show a mentality to which the dreaming has come to the end that nothing is long-lasting in the life - joy, luck, satisfaction are unsteady like ice in summer. It is to be understood sensuous pleasure and 'desire for desire' and absolutely also sexually.


At this level ice cream is a symbol which can show unstableness, particularly if the dream stands in connection with joy.


(European ones).:

  • eat: everything will turn to the positive,
  • eat on hot days: if a tiresome adventure tells in,
  • children ice see licking: Luck and prosperity are lovely,
  • the young women who drop her ice in present of a young admirer are not courted from real affection. If the ice is bitter, unexpected problems will disturb her luck strand. If the ice melts, your comfort are too an end, before they have begun generally only properly.
(See also ice)

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