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medicine wheel:

Key words: Stability, - stubbornness, - pent-up feelings, - communication learning, - hard work appreciatively, - build, - inventiveness, - food, - moon of the returning frogs. Description: The beaver, the animal totem in the moon of the returning frogs (from the 20th of April to the 20th of May) to Born, is the only animal with the exception of the person who can change his surroundings obviously to provide for his own peace, his security and satisfaction. In the United States the beaver is the biggest rodent. Actually, a country dweller, he spends a large part of his life in the water. Beavers were hunted by trappers because of her fur and her musk gland which separates the universal remedy castoreum. General meaning: In your life provide for more balance, - create your life anew, - the dams which you have built see, - necessary dams build, - learn something about communication abilities, - learn something about feelings, - need to express more the feelings, - to accept better need, the life, - fight against Verwurzeltheit and stubbornness. Association: Strong teeth, - beaver, tremble, tremble with fear or cold. Transcendent meaning: A gift which originates from hard work - a revelation about communication, - a truth of your emotional nature recognise. Wolf clan apprenticeship: Honour, - the clan animal of the Februar.



  • diligence and perseverance will further you,
  • see beaver fur or carry: you increase your possession.

(European ones).:

  • a good sign, - good shops, - the beavers stands for hard work and perseverance, - in a thing one finds a lot of support from the outside with which one has not counted
  • observe: Perseverance and patience presumed, improvement of the living conditions,
  • a beaver is killed because of his fur: Accusation because of indecorous manner approaches.

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