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Hermit (oh)


With him our soul wants to show how lonely we feel in reality, although we are very outgoing maybe in happy society. It is the loneliness which comes from the inside out, possibly understands the searches for a person, which to us completely and takes us in such a way as we are. However hermit (hermit) can also stand really for the wish to withdraw from the life and the people. Maybe this is due to disappointment and bitterness from which one may not allow to overpower himself, however, otherwise one would regret it later. Nevertheless, some wants to withdraw to be found: this can be a good decision. Also as a teacher and counsellor the hermit appears, then then often with a long white beard (he reminds of old representations of God's father). Indian dream books interpret hermitage (Hermitage Museum) often as a reminder to love more his next one, so that one is also accepted himself. If one sees himself together with the husband in a hermitage, points to a respect which allows not enough space for external impulses and has become monotonous, therefore, in the course of the time. Be a hermit in the circle of other people stands for the feeling not to be understood by them and to be isolated, therefore.



  • see: you will have to get over heavy times,
  • see themselves as one: you will been disappointing and withdraw,
  • even one be: a cosy life in view have.

(European ones).:

  • hermitage: do not lose the love to the people, - also: Move in an over-populated town,
  • with his husband live in one: the spouse or darling will bore one and be a burden, - one urgently needs a resurgence of the respect,
  • hermits see: you are no practical person, - one will get to do it with hypocrites who want to damage to one, - also: must count on failures, although one has exerted himself,
  • see one: if grief and loneliness by disloyal friends, - one announces needed a wise advice,
  • be: quiet luck, - one will enter into an association, - follow the investigation of complicated subjects and take part in discussions active ones, - one has lost the faith in the humanity and would like to withdraw, - also: Hermit can also be the need for more sociability register,
  • meet one with torn or ragged clothes: if bad news tells in,
  • one with torn or ragged clothes be: one will undertake a futile work,
  • as such come to his own flat and are not recognised: meant be a longer separation of the family, - in the flat of a hermit: be unselfish compared with others.


  • protects you from dangerous society.
(See also 'wilderness', 'guru')

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