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One (numbers)

Association: - Beginning, - unity, - essence, - will of the single one. Question: - Who am I?


One is the first number, all the others arise from her. She means the confidential name of God in the number symbolism, stands for the beginning of the creation. In the Traumsprache One means an original and undivided unity. It can be understood as the source situation. However, sometimes she also refers to the highest-ranking position what explains itself by number symbolism described on top. Success and luck can promise one: if one sees himself in connection with the number, one will maybe arise in a matter as a winner, however, can be warned also about selfoverestimation and high spirits. urtümliche, undivided unity which shows the beginning (possibly of the love, an affection, a friendship, but also a work or an enterprise). However, she can mean also the loner who must struggle through in the world. One stands like One if one proves spine.


Stands for the beginning and the indivisible.



  • or eleven (which see number): Luck, - the unique can expect.

(European ones).:

  • see: meant luck,
  • largely and with red colour painted number or even so painted ones: The win in the lottery if one buys a lot with many Einern.
(See also figures)

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