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The income is a central component of our living. Hence, every dream which stands with him in connection symbolises the setting of the dreaming to his wishes and needs. If the dream of an improved income acts, the dreaming feels that he has overcome an obstacle in himself and accepts himself now as valuable. However, a sinking income symbolises need and maybe the setting of the dreaming to the poverty. A person who provides for himself consciously perceives what he deals, so that his efforts are recompensed, and which contribution other people can make moreover. If the dreaming receives a private income in his dream, then this expels possibly endowment money, to the fact that he must maybe think about his relations with other people.


A person who gives alms trades after the order that one should divide his property with others, and this is significant in a dream of the income. It is insignificant whether the parts at the material level or on from time and achievement occur.



  • checking you whether you too punctiliously or too possession-movingly are

(European ones).:

  • receive the income: somebody could cheat you and bring your family and friends in difficulties,
  • an income is headlined to members of the family: this forecasts success,
  • loses a woman her income, disappointments announce themselves in her life,
  • one believes
  • , it is not sufficient: Quarrel with friends and relatives approaches,
  • a part of the own is left: be very successful, - however, it is possible that one expects more than one agrees.

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