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Association: - Find what one wants, - options. Question: - What am I ready to take with home?


The shopping is often connected with a sort of satisfaction. Therefore, dreams of the shopping are important indicators for the wishes and needs of the dreaming. Maybe one wants to have in the interpersonal area something which was kept up to now. Possibly one would like to buy to himself the love of a being close person or attain even the recognition of the partner, the certainty that one treats him properly. But the vision puts doubt: Can one buy love and recognition really? Unrestrained shopping indicates the search for immediate satisfaction, while a small purchase points to a carefully thought-out access to questions which occupy the dreaming in the everyday life. In the positive shopping dreams are connected with freedom and the ability to decide unhindered. In the negative hasty shopping indicates missing self-control, above all in the financial area. Dreams of the shopping can reflect the present emotional needs directly. Has one done the weekly purchase quietly or has one stocked up for emergency case? The dream in which one buys desired things can emphasise that one cannot always have in the reality this what one wants. If one buys new clothes, a tip is to the fact that one would slip in the everyday life with pleasure in another skin that one is not quite contented with himself and his environment any more. The purchase of food can express the hidden temptation 'to buy' the attention or sympathy more different to themselves. In the dream to own a store or to lead, indicates that other people depend too much on one.


To buy all this what people get themselves to the everyday life at the market, is good, - however, valuables are excluded. Since food is more useful for poor people, however, it means to the empires expenditures.



  • in general: a good omen, - means unexpected monetary blessing, - also: let not do down, then you have profit,
  • can carry away the bought not all at once: one expects himself too much and should be more moderate,
  • cannot pay: one feigns outwardly modesty before, while one has by in petto ambitious pompous wishes.
  • clothes shop: one would like to find recognition and make headway faster in professional regard.

(European ones).:

  • see: if brings use and advantage,
  • for itself: Fulfilment of a wish,
  • of food: Improvement of the material relations,
  • of toilet things: one will receive an invitation,
  • one makes purchases a lot, but one does not take the product with home: a new business announces itself, however, the contract necessary for it is not given yet,
  • for another: one will have a lot of annoyance by a humiliation.
(See also money, clothes, store,' business')

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