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Actual physical discomfort or indisposition is often taken with in the dream and appears there in the picture the intestine. However, this dream symbol also stands often for mental processes, it can be understood as an admonition to more self-criticism or self-contemplation. However, it is also occupied that the dreaming is not unlocked in reality very much, flees too strongly with itself or before the reality in his inside what can lead to isolation. Under such circumstances this dream symbol appears request to the dreaming to develop more open-mindedness.


The elimination of own intestines or intestine by the mouth forecasts to man and woman the death of children, childless the loss of the most expensive what they own. To a sick person the dream face prophesies the death. If one dreams, his body would be cut open and one sees his intestine, everybody would be grown of course and in the right situation, is for a childless and arms a good portent, - which will see one own children, other own having and property. Since one calls the children intestine like his inside, and how the house Having and Property rescues, are rescued the intestine between the hips. It indicates an empire and everybody which strives to stay undiscovered disgrace and transportation. Each threatens evil, if the intestine are looked by a stranger, - it indicates approaching bad civil disputs and processes and brings concealed. If one looks his body cut open and inside blank and of nobody the intestine on his place, downfall and a sick person the death threatens the house of the dreaming desertion, children. Welfare brings it only to one which is tormented by many Übeln and is depressed by grief, - the present evil prophesies the end it, - then who loses those organs which rescue the worries in themselves, is free of course of grief. One still follows the following: The heart means the wife of the dreaming or the husband if a woman dreams because it is the centre of our life, - it encloses further the courage and the life breath of the dreaming, - both because. The same calls the lung, - the liver, however, the child, the vitality and the worries, - the bile the rage, the money and the wife, - the spleen the pleasure, the laughter and the household effects. The belly and the intestine mean first the children, then the believers because they require food, - the kidneys the brothers, close relatives, and (moreover, still to namesakes and) the children with big impetuosity. If these organs pause in her normal situation, remains by them called unchanged, they double, the intimated will come true everybody all together or everybody single for itself, doubly. It dreamt somebody, an eagle tears out to him with the catches the intestine, she carries through the town in the thick-occupied theatre and shows them to the spectators. The dreaming was childless, and a son was born to him after this dream face who attained name and respect in the town, - then the eagle meant the year in whom to him the son should be born, then so one is in habit to call the intestine the son - his children, and in the theatre carrying the respect and the name of the same.



  • Dreaming a powerful figure and rich man, his liver has come out of the anus, he becomes his house supervisor and everything what is dear to him and expensive, lose because the liver gives to all meat food. Thus our laws also decided formerly when that young man was discovered as a kidnapper of the daughter of our high priest: his liver should be thrown to the birds, because this organ all passions and desires excited and lighted. But also that which looked this face will die in misery.
  • Dreaming one, his lung has gone off by mouth or anus, he will lose under dangerous circumstances his best farm-hand on whose words he hears because the lung with her cooling air reduces the glow of the heart. A pauper will part after this dream soon from the life.
  • Dreaming somebody, he is an emperor or beggar, a heart suffering has struck him, this also means his quick death because the heart is a middle of the human life and is called.
  • Seeming it one, his intestine have come out or been cut off, he will be Having and Property lose and end in the misery. If this one woman dreams, the death becomes her dearly loved children dahinraffen.
  • refines see: glad hope, delighted life, love,
  • decayed and stinking ones: persistent illness.

(European ones).:

  • human ones see: awful grief and unfathomable desperation without hope for luck,
  • of a wild animal see: the victory over a mortal enemy approaches,
  • of another tear: if a pursuit hunt announces for the support of your own interests,
  • the own see: are struck by deep despondence,
  • feel: Dear luck,
  • of own child see: Tip to the forthcoming death of your child or your own.


  • Dreaming one, his intestine have come out by the anus, but have got stuck, one of his members of the family will depart after a quarrel with having and property, but again come back because have come away the intestine not totally, - admittedly, the dreaming will also come to a difficult situation.
  • Eating somebody of his own Eingeweiden, he will get rich at the expenses of his members, if from foreign, at the expenses of foreign people.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, his liver has come out of the anus, his treasures will come to light, however, he himself will die, - the liver is because a spring of the blood, however, blood means money and property. If it is a my husband, he will come to the pillory, his Having will be drawn by the authority, and thus it will come to an end with him.
  • Finding somebody the liver of another person and takes them in himself, he will discover a hoard of gold, the size of the liver immediately into which he bumped. The same is valid for all the other intestine, - finds to a liver and lung of an Aries, goat or another horned animal, will close to him the whole wealth of a high dignitary, - then horns symbolise offices and dignity.
(See also bowel, heart, stomach, kidneys)

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