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This dream wants to make clear that the dreaming suffers from considerable inferiority complex which he would like to compensate by such a dream. However, it is also possible that he reveres a person and does not dare to admit her his affection.



  • something: simple-minded people crowd to you near, - also: You want to reach something and do not dare to concern it. Grab, there the luck is already ready.
  • somebody: you would like to as become as that is admired him,
  • become: watch out for flatterers.


  • a serious omen: Quarrel approaches.
  • Being you yourselves the admired, so you are in danger of losing friends by banked vanity.
  • however, you should check
  • as the admiring your circle of friends anew. The sign requests to it, vanity and shining want with itself and his vicinity to recognise and to give space to the necessary modesty. That what he pretends to be should try to become the dreaming. (Man
+ / woman +)

(European ones).:

  • are admired: useful friendship with people one may,
  • admire somebody: friendly feelings of another person for you, - (It must not concern the person of whom you really dream!)

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