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One-way street


The street which one may also drive on in the dream only in one single direction. In this case our unconscious advises us to go a straight way without taking on the past consideration. Who goes in the one-way street unhindered in the opposite direction, thoughts cling to the past and cannot free themselves so easily of her. In this picture also combines the wish to act differently than one just does it, with the examination that one should leave the way which one has smashed once, not without need or very good reasons again. Their feelings during the dream register you, how much you agree with your life internally. In a positive dream she means determination and quick progress without distraction. In the negative sense: One-sidedness and stubbornness.



  • you cannot return any more and must advance, then there comes the success.

(European ones).:

  • go in the right direction: one will achieve his aim well and fast.
(See also 'street')

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