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Association: - Vessel. Question: - With which feelings can I handle easily?


Bucket contains the variety of the life possibilities and personal qualities, - to the individual interpretation one must pay attention to what is in the bucket. The vessel with which one scoops water in which one fills, however, also some dirt translates: One can scoop helpful knowledge from the unconscious as our psyche can be released from tiresome pressure.
    a full bucket luck, success and self-realisation promises
  • Basically that one can scoop 'from the fullness' and a lot has to give, - empty announces against it failures and disappointments.
  • clear water in the bucket is also valid as a luck symbol, murky and dirty, however, warns about grief and worries.
  • Seeing one a bucket with holes, can be pointed out to the fact that one wastes himself in too many little things and will find, therefore, in spite of all activities no real satisfaction.
  • bucket carry in the dream a symbol is for recompensed diligence.


A bucket is always to be carried a symbol for recompensed diligence.



  • completely, in general: big possibilities for shops,
  • blank, in general: one has preempted to you, no success,
  • of wood and blank: financial damage,
  • from metal and blank: the financial damage which disappears, however, quickly again,
  • more full with liquid: Need and poverty, however, from short duration,
  • fullly with dirty water: points to a possible illness,
  • fullly with clear water: Satisfaction,
  • empty buckets see carrying: one will experience any disappointment.

(European ones).:

  • vessel of the life after whose contents the interpretation is directed,
  • see: one will be comforted, - success is not given. To keep furthermore about water, one must work for it hard.
  • let go in a clear water: Luck at an enterprise,
  • to one with murky water: one will have many worries and incommodities,
  • see emptying: happy surprise, - hit in the lottery,
  • carry an empty one: one will soon experience a disappointment, - also: Hunger or bad harvests,
  • to full ones see or carry: Prosperity, - good progress of the business, - sudden monetary profit,
  • go with it to the well: your diligence is recompensed,
  • of full milk see: Signs for good views and pleasant feelings,
  • If a young woman in the dream a bucket carries, the work promises in the household.

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