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The dreaming should learn how one handles with time. The fact that he processes in the dream Having and haste, a tip is to the fact that he is not able to do it yet. It is also an obvious symbol for the fear to miss something. If one is in the dream in haste, this points out to the fact that one must assert himself against pressure from the outside. If the dreaming is even in haste, he also prepares for himself pressure. One is rushed, but funny enough the hurrying never comes to the aim. It is, as if the unconscious liked to brake us with the saying: More haste less speed. Slowly one also just makes headway. Haste can appear in different way in the dreams. Often she points to internal restlessness, insecurity and nervousness. However, under circumstances she also contains the admonition to consider more, before one acts, so that one does not do the second step before the first one and stumbles, besides. Can also be a matter as a tip of the subconsciousness of planning more generously time expiries and appointments because one heads otherwise for an exhaustion phase. Other meanings can be derived from the following accompanying circumstances of the dream:
  • In a great hurry to the train can run announce that one must exert himself sputen and to gain still the expected success, - the train goes wrest from the haste before the nose, however, this will not succeed because one has used his chances not on time.
  • In a great hurry in the theatre or to a banquet go sometimes points out to the fact that one is open for (often erotic) adventure which one hopes with an engagement.
  • In a great hurry a meal should devour in the dream on good health or healing of an illness point.


Odd proofs is in the spiritual work time a symbol for space. If the dreaming is in haste, he does not see the nicest in his surroundings. If the dreaming uses, nevertheless, the space available to him well, he is also able to handle properly with time.



  • have: Guests.


  • of haste to dream warns about haste and sends a reminder for the planning. The dream sign recommends to allow itself more time and rest, not to rush, because haste damages to you and your thing only. (Man

(European ones).:

  • have: Restlessness of the mind, you can be thereby involved easily in quarrel things, - also: Danger of fire damage or water damage, or also accident, - to avoid by care,
  • hurry to the train: points to a lot of news,
  • in spite of the haste miss the train: one wants to reach something impossible,
  • eat very in a great hurry: if brings health,
  • hurry to come to the theatre or to a festivity, - one will experience an adventure.

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