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medicine wheel:

Key words: Reptile, - long-lasting, - pliable, - protecting, - regenerating, - father the sun. Description: The lizard is in the internal circle of the medicine wheel the animal who is associated with father the sun. She belongs to the reptiles and avoids, like the queue, the contact with people. About 4000 kinds of lizards populate the earth: from the chameleon who changes his colour to adapt itself to his surroundings, up to the gecko on whom only already 800 kinds exist. Lizards are country dwellers, nevertheless, feel fine sometimes also in the water. They melt in colour with the ground and love the warmth of the sun. With a bite of enemies in her tail lizards can throw down this, - nevertheless, he grows again again and includes like the original tail also no whirls. General meaning: A pliable part of itself, - a protecting aspect of your being, - a part of you which knows above the old ways of the earth, - a part of you which can be deceptive to protect, - a part of you who is not afraid of leaving behind things if the need it asks. Association: - Transcendent meaning: A positive omen, - a messenger, - regenerative strength.


As a dream symbol she is valid as harmless. She embodies rather the subconscious and his notions. The lizard lacks the Bedrohlichkeit, recklessness and the impulsive of the dragon. It is translated the dragon in the small format: The dreamer would like to be bigger in the awake life than he is in reality. However, it can also seem that the lizard changes in the dream into a monster who causes in the dreaming fear. Then in this vision a warning lies before uncontrolled driving forces of the subconsciousness. Lizard often stands also for envious people for whom one must be on the alert. Also misunderstandings, disappointments and Zwistigkeiten can be expressed in it, according to the different accompanying circumstances and the individual life situation.



  • see: Concern by bad people, - concealed enemies prepare annoyance, - also for you: a successful possibility escapes you, - Li> warns about the repetition of a mistake,
  • catch: one will succeed in removing the cause of an annoyance.


  • This sign shows a recommendation to let prevail in confidential matters bigger care. The dreaming should protect himself particularly from wrong friends, because his circle of friends is composed partially very arbitrarily. It is possible also that just an intrigue is prepared against him. (Child)

(European ones).:

  • see: strong change in your business and other matters,
  • also one should not allow to deter
  • by outward appearances to acquire good friends who can be useful to us, - or also evil by secret enemies, - betrayal,
  • a green one: The misunderstandings which will clear at the end,
  • a grey one: Quarrel and annoyance by the people who abuse the trust brought to them.


  • remains on the ground of the reality.
(See also dragon, animals)

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