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medicine wheel:

Key words: Bursting out strength, - hope. Description: Acorns as the fruits of the oak are nutritious really if one prepares them properly. The acorns of some oaken kinds are able raw, others must be eaten for several hours in fluent water be soaked or be cooked longer time. Sun Bear gave the advice to hang them in a net in the water container of the toilet, with it the rinsing soaking anxiously. General meaning: The seed of your own strength, - your perseverance, - a new beginning in your life. Association: Part of the male limb. Transcendent meaning: Perseverance, - the present of the strength.


To dream of acorns, points to the fact that from small beginnings an immense growth process originates. Because acorns are to be found only in autumn, it is maybe necessary to harvest the ideas or to gather and to store them then well, so that they can develop in rest. Eichel (fruit of the oak) can contain everything in the germ for which the full-grown oaken tree stands, - then the symbol often asks to take care more of these qualities, however, can also register that one is about to realise them. The seed of the oak stands for the germinating life, for a new beginning with low means. The acorn can sometimes also mark an experience which will have considerable influence on the other life. Old dream books interpret them partly still in the following sense: Eichel can see to announce need and poverty, - this is probably to be explained with of the fact that in poor families earlier only Eichelkaffe was drunk. The acorn sometimes symbolises also the steadfast loyalty of another person on whom one can completely count with his own intentions.


Acorns symbolise life, fertility and immortality. In addition, they stand for the androgynous.



  • Your property will grow rise your success.
  • pick up: unexpected profit or salary with annoyance.

(European ones).:

  • greens, with branch: mean serious advertisement for the dreaming, to old people they promise honour, - pleasant things and big profits,
  • look: one will have to exert himself very much to come out of a difficult situation,
  • greens acorns in the tree or scatters on the ground: announce an improvement of the matters,
  • greens from the tree pick: own interests by haste and indiscretion injure,
  • collect: meant big unfair profit, but always strength, health, luck etc.,-also: Inheritance or a piece of luck which comes from the outside, - also: announces financial success for which one must exert himself, however, considerably,
  • who picks up acorns of the ground, bends with pleasure the back to attain advantages,
  • of the tree see falling: one will miss a good business or commit a clumsiness,
  • in other regard
  • decayed or dried up: if bring disappointments and refusal,
  • give to the pigs as a feed: points to a happy experience,
  • If a woman she eats, then it is carried by a labour-intensive place on a quiet and pleasant post. If they are shaken by the tree, your wishes come true in the commercial life or dear life fast.


  • the honesty of a good person will help you to the success and you will unexpectedly climb.
(See also oak)

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