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medicine wheel:

Key words: Deeply curative, - evergreen, - revitalising. Description: The yew is an evergreen tree with red berries and plugs. In days of yore her wood was used in particular to the production by curves for archers. Today the modern medicine has found out that yew owns extremely big remedial ability. She should cure some advanced cancer kinds. Nevertheless, it requires a big number of trees to produce the drug for only one person. General meaning: A forthcoming healing, - a becoming engrossed understanding of your vitality. Association: - Transcendent meaning: A gift of deep healing.


The meaning of the yew at this level is extremely ambivalent: On the one hand her wood was an early highly respected, because it could be processed to curves and crossbows, - on the other hand, however, the yew distinguishes itself by a poisonousness which searches her equals. Once she symbolised grief and sadness. Though would recognise only few one yew, however, the knowledge is stored in the unconscious of every person. Such a symbol can appear in dreams as an instinctive knowledge.


The extremely long-lasting yew can symbolise spiritual immortality.


(European ones).:

  • heralds of illness and disappointment, - indicates the death of an old person, - a relative or superior who has left you an inheritance which relieves you of the lack,
  • sit under one: Their life will not last long,
  • merely look at the tree: a long life have,
  • she will put up with
  • Sitting a young woman under a yew, many backbreaking fears around the loyalty of her lover. If her lover stands with a yew, she will possibly learn from his illness. If she admires a yew, it will become estranged from her relatives by a misalliance.
  • a dead yew without needles: announces a tragic death in the family, - property becomes about your loss not hinwegtrösten.
(See also tree)

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