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Wedding ring


Originally the wedding ring a symbol was more complete, all surrounding love. His form is perfect, she has no beginning and no end. As a vision he creates a connection with the eternity. In the person lives the need to file vow, to make promise and to show this symbolically. The wedding ring, carried in the finger which is associated with the heart - to the fourth finger of the right hand - is such a symbol. If acts the dream of a wedding ring which is in another finger, this can be a tip for the fact that the promise has no validity or that the dreaming feels the wedding ring as a restriction. To dream of the loss of the wedding ring seldom means good. The respect could head for a separation. If the dreaming finds a wedding ring, this is called possibly that a respect is at hand which could flow in a marriage.


A wedding ring symbolises the binding devotion which means everlasting love.


(European ones).:

  • decrease: a final separation.
(See also ring)

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