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Association: - Yin aspect, - partner. Question: With which have I combined?


If one beats in the dream his wife, - this adultery floats. If it seems to one, his woman marries an another, it indicates a change in the occupation or the separation. If a married woman dreams, she marries another man, she will carry, as the old people say, her man to grave or separate in any way from him. After my experience this not always applies, but only if the woman is not pregnant or childless or has to dispose of nothing. If this is not the case and has them a little daughter, she will give it to a man to the woman, - she goes pregnant, she will give to a girl the life, bring up the same and bring to the man. Though in this manner she will not marry, probably, however, a piece of her own meat and blood. A woman against it who has to dispose of something will conclude with regard to sales with somebody a contract as he is usual with a marriage ceremony. A woman dreamt, somebody quotes to her: 'Patroklos is dead, the men fight for the naked corpse, - but the plume-shaking Hektor has the weapons. (Homer: Iliad 18, 20-21)' The man of this woman who was on travelling died, and when his property was drawn by the treasury, the woman let it come on a decision and went in court, - however, she achieved no success, but died in the course of the process. You see that some cases from themselves disclose the exit without resort on the contents of the poetries, other according to the underlying fable fulfilled. It dreamt one, he brings forward his woman like a sacrificial animal and kills them, cuts her meat in pieces, it sells and earns with it a considerable profit. It further dreamt to him, he feels joy at it and tries to hide the taken money from fear with the envy of the bystanders. This man coupled his own woman and denied his living with the dirty business. This was for him though a good source of income, however, might come under no circumstances to the light of the public. One which stayed on a Legation trip abroad dreamt, he has returned home, then his woman has come up to him and has said: 'The small Musa has died.' He received from his wife the news that latest of his children has died, - this was a lovely child and sweetly like the muses.



  • Dreaming somebody, his woman has been caught as a whore, this will fall ill and get the hatred of her husband, - her seducer to the dreaming is known, this will ask him for mercy and find mercy with him, he does not know him, it is his enemy who will enslave him.
  • his woman equips one
  • with a dress whose costs exceed his financial relations, he will give to his position and his occupation higher respect. If he decorates her arms with golden rings, it will fall hard ill and come to distress.
  • puts on to his wife a wreath of pure gold, threaten him illness and grief, - then the head of the woman is the man. If the golden wreath with pearls and precious stones is decorated, his illness will be less difficult, and he will win because of the precious stones and pearls again joy in the world.
  • he sticks on
  • to his wife rings, her both wishes will come true.
  • he will experience
  • Dressing somebody his woman in red garments, joy and generate a son.

(European ones).:

  • of the own to dream: messy matters and informal quarrel,
  • the woman is extremely friendly: remunerative business relations have,
  • a woman is hit by her man: it comes because of unhappy constellations to hard criticism and general turmoil.
(See also spouses, husband, family)

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