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Everybody does not dream once of being loyal. A dream in one adultery does or lives in bigamy, a dream or nightmare can be and seems soonest with people who lead an emotional and sexual dissatisfied marriage. One wishes to change something in the marriage or in a firm relation. However, he can also betray rage and fear of the soul. Also the atmosphere of the dream is important. Even if the adultery was committed only in spirit, the sense of guilt can cause. The dream is often a more honest stock-taking of own feelings than awake-I would manage: He shows to one how one feels and which results adultery can have. If we see other breaking the marriage, the tip is probably to the fact that we interfere not in foreign matters, but had to do the mud before own front door wegkehren.


The things which are the natural result of processes which one looked in the dream come true during days. Above all adulterous contact leads for the dreaming to hostility with the husband of the enticed, - the hatred of the man of the enticed follows on the foot then the adulterer. The things which are not the natural result of processes which one looked in the dream do not come true. Thus, e.g., somebody dreamt, his man lays to him his own woman to the coitus to the side. There also did not originate the slightest disagreement with his man, rather he took over by his order the management of the whole property and became a supervisor about the whole house. It was quite comprehensible that no jealousy would arise against him who left his own woman to him to the coitus.



  • carry out him himself: Fire danger, loss of having and property.

(European ones).:

  • introduces dishonour and shame, - also: the wish for a side jump or the bad conscience because of a committed lapse,
  • feelings of guilt in this connection: if mean misses,
  • of a temptation to exist: if a virtuous life and success means for her plans,
  • for the men who commit one: because of an unlawful action in court are put,
  • for the women who commit one: one will not succeed in receiving the affection of the man, because you leave free run,
  • with the smallest provocation to your temperament and annoyance
  • for the women who have a relation with the friend of the man: Their man will not follow them wrongfully and kick your rights cruelly with feet,
  • for woman, that believes a youngster to the adultery to entice: They run the risk to be left because of your undisguised cabals.
(See also marriage, divorce)

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