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Was it a dream? If the man of dreams is identical with the actual partner, no special symbolism is behind it, you have processed only the day leftovers of your marriage plan and have anticipated the reality a little bit. - If the marriage ceremony was connected with uncertain fears, you should think over your plan once again thoroughly. The negative marriage dreams which lead the way of a forthcoming wedding are often a vigorous warning signal from the subconsciousness, that at least the appointment (if not the partner) or the condition for this marriage 'is not right'. The neutral marriage as a dream symbol stands for overcoming contrasts, also for reconciliation. This is valid for the balance between body and soul, to deliberate and subconscious, feeling and mind as well as for the fusion of male and female forces. Often one dreams specifically of marriage, wedding or also of sexual intercourse, then this expresses the wish for a firm, harmonious respect. If the dream of adultery or separation acts, he points to the fact that the balance is disturbed. The dream connection gives other explanation. Often are behind it, however, quite different meanings which have nothing to do with the marriage in the reality, above all:
  • The marriage ceremony in the dream proves that one feels lonesome (this can also be in a really existing marriage the case) that one is satisfied sexually not completely.
  • with a foreign person be married means that one longs not necessarily for continual togetherness (nevertheless, of the person appearing in the dream).
  • closing
  • Becoming the marriage in the dream quickly with a stranger, a precipitous career often approaches.
  • Who is forced in the dream to the marriage, therefore, has in the awake life obsessions which make hardly easier the living together to him and which complicate his work.
  • existing marriage points out in the dream to the fact that one lives with himself in harmony, has reconciled internal contradictoriness of the personality with each other and can lead, therefore, a contented life happy all together. Therefore, marriage ceremony can ask to aim at this internal harmony, to recognise itself better and to unfold.
  • adultery indicates that one endangers the unity of the personality by own action and must count, therefore, on problems if one is guided furthermore towards one-sided wishes and needs which do not do justice to the personality all together. The feelings of guilt which must not refer to the real marriage are also sometimes expressed in it.
  • divorce warns even more clearly than adultery about the loss of the internal harmony, - old dream books see in it, however, also the tip to defamation towards which one must walk.
  • Verwitwung can register that parts of the personality have 'died', so massively are edged out and are suppressed what easily leads to disturbances of the psychic health.



  • come: happy future, - your life is ordered, - (19, 82)
  • with an ugly person: Widerwärtigkeiten of all kind,
  • solve or break: Disgrace and mockery, - your activities brings danger and loss,
  • wedded bliss: Success and property increase is sure,
  • impediment to marriage: your love remains unanswered,

(European ones).:

  • sexually to understand: Dream, - discussion with existing marriage to be closed,
  • come: if a quick marriage registers, - means luck and profit,
  • with a widow or widower: brings worries,
  • adultery: Danger of fire,
  • divorce: bad epilogue,
  • wife: Prosperity,
  • husband: be supplied meant,
  • of a priest blest: if a happy married life,
  • promises
  • sucked. Compulsive marriage: if annoyance and disappointments announces.
(See also sexual intercourse, wedding, separation.)

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