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Harrow / harrow


Harrow can register that one must 'plow' hard to realise his aims, but, nevertheless, finally, reaches to the success if one exerts himself enough. The harrow sometimes also points to stones (obstacles) on the life which one will overcome by hard work, or shows that one would like to cover up guilt and failure in the life.



  • see: Forgetfulness will damage to you,
  • work with it: vain struggle,
  • harrow: It will need a time, but everything what you do brings success.

(European ones).:

  • is valid as a symbol of the forgetfulness, - it should also be the indication of a stroke of fate from which one cannot escape,
  • see: you come to regular relations, - a guilt will fall into oblivion,
  • work with it: Obstacles on the life,
  • other see working with it: dangerous rivals.


  • you do not have it easily, but still you cannot complain, because you have people around yourself who give you her whole love.
(See also field)

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