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Arming / gunmen


If it is in the dream about arming, it is important in which connection this stands. Generally the arming serves the protection and the defence. There passed many years, and numerous rituals were to be finished, until from the page a knight became and he could carry out the crossing of the bearer of the weapons to her user. Maybe the dreaming must defend himself, or he attacks, - possibly he is also held on.


At the spiritual level arming stands for capitulation, wisdom or action.



  • to itself: one will know how to ward off his enemies,
  • see: are pursued,
  • see coming: One breaks in your secret and destroys your hopes. Do not speak so much!
  • wegmarschieren see: Now the bad time is for you to an end. You have had a lot of worries, but already in short time everything turns to the best. Big help, money and love expect you.

(European ones).:

  • see themselves: indicates dangers which one will easily overcome.
  • to itself: you must be more careful,
  • see: indicates dangers which one will easily overcome, - or it becomes an unexpected joy, - if men fight a serious matter.


  • you will unexpectedly come to profit.
(See also weapons)

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