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Association: - Hopelessly, - Concealed, - Without fail. Question: - Where do my decisions lead me?


The dream makes a concealed or a little admitted aspect accessible to the dreaming. The dreaming must not feel packed any more like in the corner, - he can handle with the unexpected and with new experiences. Sometimes she stands also for the escape from the reality. Who crouches in the dream in a corner, something wants to hide (or itself before a little bit or to somebody) and is afraid to act. Corner also means that something will change because one smashes another direction, but no radical turn carries out about 180 degrees, - this can refer to plans and aims, but also to internal settings, positions and convictions which one should revise not to fail. In the dream around a corner indicates to bend that the dreaming has got to start moving and to gain new experience, although it looked first in such a way as if there were obstacles. If the dreaming bends on the right around the corner, this refers to a logical action orientation, he turns left, he helps himself of an intuitive beginning. Who knocks himself in the dream on a corner, probably offends in the everyday life somewhere and lays open to critics with it of her.


At this level the corner means that the dreaming must attain a new perspective with regard to his spiritual undecidedness.



  • to caretakers, your time of the success comes only a little later.

(European ones).:

  • Ecke/Eckhaus/Eckstein: one attains advantages, - also: inessential obstacles, provided that one does not leave the corner,
  • creep away because of fear in one: very unfavorable sign,
  • other people in the conversation in a corner: You want to destroy enemies, - a friend will possibly turn out betrayer.

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